Premium processing and payment functions to be deployed Tuesday for individuals and families

From Vermont Business Magazine:  The Department of Vermont Health Access (DVHA) Monday announced that premium processing and payment functions to allow individuals and families to enroll in coverage selected through Vermont Health Connect (VHC) will be deployed overnight for a Tuesday launch. Because testing of those functions for small businesses is ongoing, current 2013 plans for employers that have signed up with VHC will be extended into 2014 to ensure there will be no lapse in coverage. 

The deployment of premium processing and payment functions for individuals and families will commence at 5:00 p.m. this evening. The VHC website will be unavailable for applications and plan selection during the deployment, which is expected to last until late Tuesday morning. Once completed, invoices will be mailed beginning later this week to those individuals and families who have selected plans through VHC. Invoices will be sent in batches and those bills will need to be paid by check no later than January 7th for coverage beginning January 1st. VHC will not accept credit card payment until security testing of those specific functions is completed. 

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