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Copper Leaf Financial, LLC is the affiliated and separately registered financial planning branch of the Davis & Hodgdon Advisory Group.

Copper Leaf Financial

Serving clients nationwide from its offices in Williston and Rutland, VT, Copper Leaf Financial takes a holistic approach to wealth management for business owners, high net worth individuals, and their families.

We recognize that certain turning points in your life such as the sale of a business, financing your children’s education, or your retirement require careful financial planning. We’ll work with you to develop a plan that acts as a roadmap towards your financial future and ambitions – one that can help you maintain your lifestyle during retirement while carefully preserving wealth for the next generation.

The aim of our wealth management services is to take proactive steps that will align your finances to meet your personal objectives. To accomplish this, we’ll meet with you to discuss your concerns and learn all we can about your financial aspirations and life goals.

We then start to build a comprehensive plan that can safeguard assets throughout your life and transfer wealth to your beneficiaries with minimal tax implications. This proposal may include succession planning, estate planning, and investment management. As your wealth grows and your circumstances change, we’ll adjust this plan accordingly with the goal to positively impact your wealth on the lives of others – either heirs or charity.

Proceed With Confidence

Copper Leaf Financial, LLC is a SEC registered adviser affiliated with Davis & Hodgdon Advisory Group (DHAG). For more than 30 years, DHAG has provided comprehensive and timely planning with a proactive approach to tax services. Together, we have the ability to combine comprehensive financial planning with the careful, tax-aware eye of the CPA to give clients the confidence to map out their financial goals. Our leadership team includes licensed CPAs and Certified Financial Planner® professionals who can contribute an unparalleled understanding of how taxes impact your decisions about retirement, estate planning, investments and insurance.

We’ve become a key player and trusted advisor to our clients – in all of their financial issues – not just tax or investments.

You are encouraged to explore the Copper Leaf Financial site and learn more about the services we provide. Should you have any questions or would like more information about our firm, please feel free to email us at [email protected] or call us at (802) 878-2731.

How We’re Different

Since we are not commission-based or tied to any one vendor, we can suggest the proper financial products that will help achieve your goals.

That kind of freedom changes everything. You’re looking for unbiased, sound planning and that’s what we deliver. We offer planning for a lifetime, a well-diversified portfolio, and responsible asset allocation.

In short, you will reap the benefits of:

  • An integrated, written, comprehensive plan that includes all aspects of your finances
  • Knowing you have an action plan in place to help achieve your financial goals and protect your family, even in unexpected situations
  • A foundation upon which to make future tax and investment decisions
  • A lifetime plan that evolves as your life does and reflects all changes along the way
  • Access to a group of experienced professionals that include CPAs and CFP®s

Another point of differentiation is knowing you have a customized financial plan that is designed to integrate and enhance every aspect of your financial life: from tax planning to estate planning to risk management to retirement funding to charitable giving and beyond. By understanding and aligning these critical components of financial health, investors and their families substantially improve the odds of reaching their most important goals.

At Copper Leaf Financial, we work with you over the long term. We develop a plan that acts as a roadmap – and evolves over time. It reflects changes in your life and your goals. A proper plan enables you to invest the same way we do: broad diversification, low costs and appropriate levels of risk. We prize evidence over emotion and we value academic and market research over fluctuating opinions.

Copper Leaf Financial is a member of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA). We are held to the fiduciary standard which ensures that we act in your best interest.

To learn more about Copper Leaf Financial’s holistic approach to wealth management and how such an approach can benefit you, please visit our website copperleaffinancial.com.

At Copper Leaf Financial, we can clear up any confusion when it comes to determining if your company’s 401(K) retirement plan is working for you.

There are so many moving parts and decisions to be made when it comes to 401(K) retirement plans. Let us work with you to see if your:

  • Retirement plan is meeting your business goals
  • Employees and participants are on track to retirement readiness
  • Administrative and investment fees are reasonable in relation to the services you receive

Do you know if you are in compliance? We can assist you with your fiduciary duty of periodically reviewing your plan and eliminate any concern on your part.

What we do best at Copper Leaf Financial is to simplify things for our clients. We make their lives easier. This is especially important when it comes to retirement plans. In order to best help our clients in this area, we clear up the perplexities that so often present themselves in retirement plans.

It’s that simple. All we provide is a wealth of objective advice based on decades of independent financial research to help you make smarter choices.

We offer employers with existing retirement plans a complementary second opinion on the health of your retirement plan. This free diagnostic evaluation includes:

  • An analysis of your plan’s investment expenses
  • An examination of all fees and commissions paid to your plan’s service providers
  • An opportunity to ask questions and receive unbiased feedback from our team of tax and retirement plan experts

This second opinion will give you peace of mind knowing that you have explored your options. You can feel confident that the consultation you receive comes from an experienced, fiduciary plan advisor who values evidence over emotion and independent advice over commissions.

Copper Leaf Financial creates customized plans that focus on:

  • Easy administration
  • Transparent fees
  • High-quality service providers
  • Professionally managed, low-cost portfolios
  • Delegation of fiduciary responsibility
  • Effective support and education

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