The Benefits of Having All of Your Financial Needs Met Under One Roof

There are many benefits of having a “one stop-shop” for all your financial needs. One firm that handles your taxes and wealth management can provide a thorough tax strategy that is well-coordinated with your overall financial plan.

Having it all managed by an experienced team under one roof provides you with efficiency, clarity, and convenience. It can also promote confidentiality and security.

Comprehensive Tax Strategizing Coordinated with Your Overall Financial Plan

Tax issues should be considered within your overall financial plan and when making decisions about retirement, estate planning, investments, insurance, and even charitable giving.

Why? Tax planning and financial planning are very closely related. A decision thought to be “good” from a financial planning perspective might not be from a tax planning perspective and vice versa.

Having a close, working relationship between the two types of advisors so that everything is considered when making important decisions can be beneficial. Applying proactive tax strategies can help put you in the best position possible to keep more of what you’ve earned and have more to pass on to the next generation.

The one-stop shop offers the convenience of having one source for sound financial advice. Dealing with one firm’s team of advisors simplifies communication and reduces the potential for miscommunication or confusion that can occur when there are multiple relationships. When several firms are used it might be unclear who to reach out to in a given situation. In the event our firm is unable to provide a specific service such as legal advice or representation we can provide you with contact information for those in our large network of referral sources.

For example, if you experience a significant life event such as marriage or divorce who should you notify for guidance? A one-stop shop eliminates the confusion.

You can also benefit from the efficiency offered by a comprehensive Advisory group. Since they are under one roof you can be assured that the tax advisor and financial planner are coordinated as they strategize and make recommendations.

You can be assured of confidentiality. Having information off site and outsourced in one place prevents accidental disclosure of confidential client information with others.

Davis & Hodgdon Advisory Group (DHAG) is a business and financial services firm with locations in Williston and Rutland Vermont serving clients throughout the Northeast. DHAG is a one-of-a-kind financial firm with the unique ability to offer tax planning through Davis & Hodgdon CPAs, financial and investment planning through *Copper Leaf Financial, and client accounting services through Convergent Accounting. These comprehensive services address all of your business and individual needs and each has a fully dedicated staff. Since 1990 the firm has provided clients with progressive, proactive services through expert staff, high-end technology, and unparalleled efficiency.

*Copper Leaf Financial is an affiliated and separately registered entity.

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