Nonprofit Solutions

We provide solutions and best practice recommendations to help nonprofits maintain financial stability with increased accountability and transparency, an especially important goal during these economically volatile times.

Our professionals write articles and present seminars throughout the nonprofit community related to auditing, tax, and financial management to keep clients informed and up to date on relevant topics.

We go above and beyond.

At DHAG, our leadership and staff are actively involved in the nonprofit industry by participating on boards, volunteering or through membership in a number of different industry groups.

Nonprofit Services

We know from where we speak when it comes to nonprofits. Our firm’s leadership helps tax-exempt organizations achieve financial and operational success by providing the following services.

  • Financial statements: Audits/Reviews/Compilations
  • Board member services including development of board manuals, policy and procedure manuals, fraud prevention policies, board recruiting procedures and adherence to the agency-wide mission statements
  • Budgeting and Management Consulting Services
  • Internal Controls including making recommendations to improve accounting systems and procedures
  • Performing audits of nonprofits to determine where elaborate internal controls are impractical because of an organization’s size and can recommend controls to protect the organization’s assets and produce accurate reports
  • Attendance at board meetings
  • Fundraising
  • Grant compliance
  • Grant applications

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