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If you require assistance with regard to your personal finances, Davis & Hodgdon Advisory Group’s professionals are adept in meeting such needs. We can review and advise you on your taxes and other financial issues while *Copper Leaf Financial, LLC, the affiliated financial planning firm of DHAG, can help you with IRAs, stock portfolios, 401(k) investments, investment reviews and much more. Together, we will help you reach your individual idea of financial well-being. 

At DHAG, our focus is to ensure you keep as much as possible so you can build a healthy net worth. Following are some of the services we provide in order to do so.

There are benefits to having all of your financial needs met under one roof

Individual Services Offered

Tax Services

Like any firm, we provide tax services. Unlike many firms, we approach your tax issues slightly differently.

We look at your entire financial picture – including short and long-term goals – and prepare your taxes accordingly. This way, we can help you maximize your opportunities and limit your liabilities. In the end, our mutual goal is to help you keep more and pay less. We offer highly accurate, accountable and proactive tax planning and preparation for:

  • Annual and quarterly tax filings
  • Estates
  • Trusts
  • Gifts
  • Audit representation
  • Divorce and support issues

The bottom line is that we’ll analyze your finances so you can reach your personal, unique and individual idea of financial well-being with solid planning in place.

Divorce Support

We work alongside family law attorneys to strengthen divorce cases with investigation, analysis, and concise presentation of the financial facts.

Professionals in this particular service area at DHAG are called upon to help attorneys and their clients determine the financial facts of a divorce case. Our CPAs examine the components and values of marital estates, analyze the incomes earned by the parties involved, and perform the required business valuation and forensic accounting services in order to obtain full disclosure.

DHAG can assist clients in taking control of the divorce process, gain insight into their current financial state and develop a better understanding of one’s future financial picture. We can also determine marital and non-marital assets and help you minimize your legal fees.

Our Divorce Support Services include:

  • Determining a spouse’s assets and income
  • Discovery of hidden assets through forensic accounting
  • Business valuations
  • Classification and division of marital assets
  • Analyzing the tax and economic consequences of a proposed settlement
  • Expert testimony
  • Tax advice
  • Investment advisory services from *Copper Leaf Financial, LLC

Due to our deep experience and proven expertise in offering divorce support services, we are sought after and referred by law firms as well as clients.

Wealth Management

*Copper Leaf Financial, LLC is a SEC registered adviser affiliated with Davis & Hodgdon Advisory Group (DHAG). Together, we have the ability to combine comprehensive financial planning with the careful, tax-aware eye of the CPA to give clients the confidence to map out their financial goals. Our leadership team includes licensed CPAs and Certified Financial Planner® professionals who can contribute an unparalleled understanding of how taxes impact your decisions about retirement, estate planning, investments and insurance.

We’ve become a key player and trusted advisor to our clients – in all of their financial issues – not just tax or investments.

*Copper Leaf Financial is an affiliated and separately registered entity.

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