Virtual Townhall: Inflation – What Investors Need to Know

Virtual Townhall: Inflation – What Investors Need to Know

Wednesday, July 21
12pm – 1pm
Via Zoom

Guest: Larry Swedroe, National Speaker and Investment Author, Buckingham Wealth Partners

What is going on with inflation and how will it impact your investments?

As investors most of us have not dealt with sustained inflation for more than 40 years. However, many economists, such as former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers are now worried about the heightened risk of rising inflation caused by massive fiscal and monetary stimulus provided by the federal reserve. Our economy is already seeing signs of strong recovery and every day we see evidence of increased prices on items like washing machines, lumber and even used cars.

Hosted by Michael L. Thompson, CAP®, AIF®, AEP® of Copper Leaf Financial and featuring friend and investment expert Larry Swedroe, Chief Research Officer of Buckingham Wealth Partners we will address this topic with questions and strategic advice:

  • How should we, as investors, plan for inflation today and in the future?
  • How does inflation factor into our financial planning and our portfolios?
  • What can we learn from history?
  • Are there changes we should be making to our investments?

Join us for what will surely be a lively conversation and be sure to bring your own questions on this topic!

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More about Larry Swedroe:

As a sought-after speaker and co-author of eight books on investing, Larry Swedroe has also had appearances on national television shows airing on NBC, CNBC, CNN and Bloomberg Personal Finance. He is a prolific writer, contributing regularly to multiple outlets, including Advisor Perspectives and The Evidence-Based Investor. For more information about Larry please click here.

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