Client in the News: Grow Compost Grows a Business

Congrats to our client in the news! Lisa Ransom and Scott Baughman of Grow Compost were spotlighted in a news story published in Vermont Business Magazine: Grow Compost grows a business!

6/20/2021 – by Kelly Notterman. “How can we live in Vermont and not be able to find compost?” That question, posed by Lisa Ransom around the dinner table one evening in 2008 was, in hindsight, the start of Grow Compost. Lisa and her husband, Scott Baughman, had purchased 38 acres in Moretown intending to start a small homestead farm, but found the soil was lacking in important nutrients they needed to grow the fruits and vegetables they imagined.

“At the same time,” said Ransom, “we could see that everything we needed to amend the soil was within a 20 mile radius of our home.” There was a dairy farm, a lumber mill, and a handful of restaurants and grocery stores generating food scraps, yet there was no mechanism for collecting those nutrient-rich leftovers and returning them to the soil.

“We needed good compost,” said Ransom, “and we also wanted to model for our children how to use and reuse the resources around them. We had the land, the passion, and the skills—and the resources were all around us.”

They began talking with neighbors, farms, and businesses in the local community.

“We started with a lot of questions and curiosity,” said Ransom, “and the answers fell into place pretty quickly.”

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Photo by Erica Houskeeper.

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