Strategies for Nonprofit Organizations to Attract Qualified Staff

Great talent is difficult to find and retain within any industry. Nonprofits are no exception; however, some organizations have implemented effective strategies to do just that!

Mission statement refinement and clarification.

By refining your mission and clarifying your strategy you reinforce the organization’s commitment to that mission and provide a compelling vision that can resonate with an individual’s values and ambitions. Some organizations go as far as holding annual “vision” workshops to promote inclusion and alignment.

Enhanced online presence.

Many nonprofits are stepping up their website game and social media efforts to promote more engagement, reach a broader audience, and better connect with potential candidates and volunteers. You don’t necessarily need to build a new website – simply update your pages regularly and consider a weekly or monthly blog post with news about your organization’s current events and don’t forget to include images whenever possible. Posts can then be used to drive engagement through your social media channels. Use this strategy to showcase your organization’s culture, achievements, and volunteer opportunities.

Flexible volunteer programs.

Organizations that offer remote and/or short-term options to their volunteers can accommodate people who want to help but have limited schedules and preferences. By offering flexibility you make it easier for them to volunteer.

Some organizations are even offering online volunteer opportunities. Through online volunteering, individuals can provide their skills and knowledge directly from their desktops or mobile devices. Examples include data-entry, graphic design, fundraising, and even social media management.

Partnerships with businesses, educational institutions, and other community organizations.

Partnering with local businesses, schools and other groups provide nonprofits with the opportunity to expand their reach, access a larger talent pool, and potentially get more done than they would otherwise. In some cases, businesses will advertise volunteer opportunities to their own staff and assemble groups to work together on volunteer projects. Likewise with schools and other community groups. Larger groups can get more done in a shorter amount of time and oftentimes these activities can double as team bonding exercises benefiting both the business and the nonprofit.

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