Cloud-Based Solutions Might Be the Next Best Step for Your Growing Business

Are you ready to explore cloud-based bookkeeping solutions for your growing business? Are you happy with QuickBooks Desktop and not ready to make the leap to QuickBooks Online? Right Networks might be exactly what you need. Right Networks is allowing our clients to be more productive and collaborate seamlessly from anywhere using a cloud-based platform.

Right Networks is an accounting focused platform that will host your QuickBooks Desktop software and support many of your add-on programs.

What else can Right Networks offer? They provide three levels of support. There is a basic package, if you don’t use a lot of add-on app and just want cloud access to QuickBooks. With the Business Cloud plan you can integrate app such as, Expensify,, Avalara, Tallie, Autofy, and many more. The Application plan will provide you with Microsoft Office, which will allow you to run most of your business on this platform.

You can bring your existing QuickBooks or Microsoft license onto Right Network for a seamless transition. Don’t have a license yet? Don’t worry because they have you covered. Their tech support staff will guide you through the setup process to ensure you have everything you need. They also take care of software upgrades for you, so you only need to focus on your business and not worry about IT.

The Right Networks platform has been useful to our clients by allowing them to remotely connect with employees, clients, and us (their accounting & tax professionals). Our Davis & Hodgdon team has been using this platform to help clients with preparing and retrieving QuickBooks data for taxes. We also use Right Networks within our Remote Accounting Department (RAD).

Are you looking for help with your bookkeeping and do you want to keep your QuickBooks desktop software? Our RAD department can join your team via Right Networks and fulfill your accounting needs.

For more information about Davis & Hodgdon’s RAD services please click here.

For more information about Right Networks please click here.

Written by Lori Pavich, Bookkeeper, RAD


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