Workplace Laws You Should Know About

Earlier in December, The Vermont Commission on Women (VCW) sent out flyers to inform people about laws regarding the workplace. The flyers are part of a campaign, the purpose of the campaign is to educate employees and employers about their rights and responsibilities under the new equal pay law. The flyers also include information regarding other protections of interest to working women.

Beginning in January 2014, employees in Vermont will have the right to at least request flexible working arrangements from their employers. This may include working from home, changes in the number of days or hours worked, changes in work arrival or departure time or job-sharing. The law requires employers to talk about and consider these requests at least twice a year. 

Other information included on the flyers: 

*Equal pay laws
*How to handle suspected pay discrimination
*Wage disclosure laws
*Pregnant worker’s rights
*Lactation accommodations
*Anti-retaliation protection
*Information concerning family and medical leave

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