Why You Need a Certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor

By Lauretta Finis, Intuit QuickBooks – You’re at the hairdressers and you hear yourself explaining how hard it is to manage your business using your current software. You tell your hairdresser that you’re stressed about:

– which customers owe you money

– which bills need to be paid

– paying your employees correctly, and

– paying your BAS correctly and on-time, unlike the last 2 quarters

He mentions he’s been using this software called Intuit QuickBooks Online, and that it’s apparently seriously easy to use. He’s been using it and quite honestly wouldn’t use anything else!

This gets you thinking. You do your research online and you come to the conclusion that Intuit QuickBooks Online is a one-stop shop and all that you will ever need in an accounting solution. And, if your business grows as you plan, you know you can tap into an ecosystem of additional apps to use with it.

So you find yourself online at www.intuit.com.au starting a free trial and you start asking yourself some questions?

– Have I set up my chart of accounts correctly? I remember my accountant telling me that I stuffed this bit up last time. He couldn’t make sense of what I had done, and to top it off, I totally forgot to reconcile my bank accounts.

– Have I set up my accounting method correctly? Hang on, is my GST method set up correctly?

– Should I have some opening balances in here somewhere?

– What happens to my bills that I owe? And my clients; how do I track the clients that owed me money in my old software?

– Then you start to think about what happened last time and you say to yourself “I’m not going through that again. This time I’m going to find a QuickBooks Online expert! I wonder where I can find one?”

The above scenario is very common, and when this business owner finds himself an expert, a QuickBooks Online Certified ProAdvisor, he can rest assured he’s in good hands. Why? Because a QuickBooks Online Certified ProAdvisor has the training to set up his new QuickBooks Online accounting file correctly so he can manage his business effectively – and save a heap of time in the process.

In addition, a QuickBooks Online Certified ProAdvisor can help train him so he doesn’t waste hours learning the intricacies of the software, and can remain focused on running his business.

Davis & Hodgdon Associates CPAs has been assisting Vermont individuals and business owners with bookkeeping and tax planning services for more than 25 years. Martha Leonard is a Certified QuickBooks Online Advisor and able to assist you with all of your QuickBooks Online needs. Call our office in Williston 802.878.1963 or Rutland 802. 775-7132 to schedule an appointment today.

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