Two Reasons to Call Your Accountant Today!

Two Reasons to Call Us Today!

  1. The Tax Code is constantly changing. Credits expire, deductions shrink, and rates can fluctuate from year to year and due to complexities within new Health Care Reform Act regulations it is critical to plan accordingly for this year’s tax return.  For planning purposes, it’s best to know what to expect ahead of time. If you’re trying to plan, knowing when tax breaks expire for hiring certain employees or making energy efficient improvements to your house is also useful. We can point you in the right direction (with the caveat that Congress is still able to change the current laws at any time).

  2. End of the year planning opportunities are just around the corner. Many taxpayers start thinking about their opportunities in January, but many tax savings plans have to be completed in December in order to count for that tax year. If you want to save tax dollars for tax year 2013, in most instances (retirement plan contributions being an exception), you have to act before December 31, 2013 – including really big plans like getting married. This doesn’t just apply to individual income taxes: planning for estate and gift taxes, as well as most corporate and partnership taxes, is focused on the same year end: December 31st. If you have changes to make by year end, get things going now – and get some help.

Davis & Hodgdon Associates has been assisting businesses and individuals in the Burlington Vermont Metro area for more than 20 years. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call 802.878.1963 or email [email protected].


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