Business Owners: It’s Time for You to Simplify Your Bill Paying Process is making it easier for small business owners to avoid late fees and pay their bills on time.

For many business owners there just isn’t enough time in the day to fit in the task of paying bills. With everything else on their plates, paying the bills in a timely fashion isn’t always possible.

Let’s discuss an efficient, simpler way of processing your bills with an online system called

What is This online bill-paying tool allows you as a business owner to forward bills directly to to be paid electronically by ACH or remotely by check. This secure system syncs up to your Accounting software to manage your bill payments in an efficient and effective manner. With you can stop filling out your checks manually and entering the payment data again into your accounting system. Simply scan your bills to your unique email address; or even better, have your vendors send your bills directly to and avoid that extra step.

Are you concerned about the approval process? allows each business to construct the appropriate approval process that fits their company’s needs. And with the mobile app, approvers can view and approve bills right from their mobile devices. No need to stop into the office in order to get these bills paid on time.

Does your business work with international vendors? You will use the same process to pay both domestic and international vendors – eliminating the hassle of calculating and paying international postage costs. simplifies your process for bill pay and saves you time. Are you ready to make the leap and consider outsourcing your bill paying and bookkeeping tasks? It’s time to take mundane tasks off of your plate and start focusing on your business.

Let our RAD (Remote Accounting Department) staff assist you with your bill-paying needs. We can set up your client account, sync this new account with your accounting system, customize your bill-paying review, approval and payment process and schedule your bill payments. Make the move from your paper-intensive, manual and potentially error-prone process to a more streamlined, automated system that will save you both time and money. Get started now by clicking here.

Written by Martha Leonard, RAD
Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), Certified Expert, QuickBooks Online Certified ProAdvisor

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