The Bright Side of Doing Business in Vermont



Despite what you’ve heard, Vermont is a great place to do business.

In 2002, I moved my business and my family to Vermont. Since we arrived, the business has grown every year, so our adopted state has been a great place to own and run a business. Let me tell you why we chose Vermont, and continue to believe that we made a good choice.

Quality of life. Vermont has a unique combination of natural beauty, arts and culture, compassionate people, working farms and forests, and historic cities and towns. It’s beautiful here, thanks in part to the state’s strong conservation and historic preservation regulations.

Saying this differently: Environmental laws like Act 250 weren’t a barrier to my business, they attracted my business. Coming from Arizona, where all the main roads are strip malls and an acre of desert is bulldozed every hour, we wanted to live where people respect and protect the land. We found that here.

Affordability. In researching places to live, a primary question was, “Can we afford to buy a house?” – in our case, the first and only home we’ve ever owned. Home prices in central Vermont were by far the lowest of all the places we researched, and they remain middle-of-the-pack by national standards.

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