Maybe it’s too late for a New Year’s resolution, but with the summer months and warm weather approaching it is a great time to start thinking about alternative options to save money and stay healthy in the hot summer heat.

Grow fresh vegetables in your back yard. Start a small garden in your back yard for vegetables and fruit. A great way to save money! If you do not have enough time for a garden, Switch to farmers markets. Produce at markets are fresher than the supermarket and prices are often negotiable!
Cook outside. Cooking inside can cause a lot of unnecessary heat in the summer. Consider moving meals outside to the Bar-B-Q grill so the excess heat stays out of your house.

Cancel your gym membership. Take advantage of the beautiful weather and workout outside with self sustaining exercise instead of depending on machines.
Use cold water. Hot weather is a great time to start taking cold showers to remain cool throughout the day. It is good for your health and saves you money on water heating bills.

Turn off the air conditioning. You can maximize efficiency and save money by using the air conditioning only when needed. On cool summer nights, turn off the system and open the windows.

Attend local events. Search your local newspaper for free concerts, neighborhood picnics, fireworks and other shows that are exciting and different, which will allow you to get involved in the community.

Kelley Boyden, Associate Accountant I
Davis & Hodgdon Associates CPAs
May 2011

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