Signature Partnership is the Key to CSR Success

The selection of a “Signature Partner” may be the key to making the deepest, most impactful difference in your local community.  As a critical, step in Davis & Hodgdon’s “Community Works” section of our customized small business Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy, we seek out a local nonprofit organization that aligns well with our mission to support through all aspects of giving: Sponsorship, Pro-Bono Work, Sponsorship, and beyond. This is a multi-year partnership that deepens our relationship with our community and provides lasting value to the partner organization.

We seek out partnerships where we can leverage our financial resources and the skills and expertise of our people. We believe that we can have deeper impact by focusing our Community Works on three cause areas, developing partnerships with nonprofits and other businesses and by providing both financial and in-kind support to our nonprofit partners. Our aim is to help our partners reach their fullest potential, which is why after careful consideration Davis & Hodgdon began their signature partnership with Mercy Connections and their Women’s Small Business Program (WSBP).

To learn more about this program watch the latest episode of “Building an Effective Entreprenurial Support Community with Signature Partner Davis & Hodgdon as aired on July 1, 2015 on CCTV:

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