Nonprofits: Characteristics to look for in a Director

Beginning or expanding a board should be a careful, well-planned, unrushed process. Weed out those applicants who think they will be doing the organization a big favor or who fail to value staff contributions. Recruitment timelines should allow for identifying, recruiting and training new board members.

Some things to keep in mind:
* Diversity
* At least one director that reflects the population being served
* No civic or business leaders who will be too busy to do the work necessary
* Enough time to attend both board and committee meetings
* A superb candidate will have the potential to attract future board directors of a similar caliber.

Non-Profits are always growing and evolving, so board recruitment should be considered a never ending process. Smart nonprofits keep wish lists of those they covet when openings arise. Some organizations use committees centered around specific projects as a way of bringing in promising young volunteers who can be groomed for board membership. A big plus associated with promoting volunteers is knowing that these individuals know your organization well, are committed to your mission, and have already demonstrated a willingness to put in the time necessary.

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