Davis & Hodgdon Associates CPAs understands the importance of audited financial statements to nonprofit organizations. The firm is current with the latest auditing standards, accounting principles, financial statement presentations, and tax and internal control issues. With a strong emphasis on planning, we take a risk-based approach to the audit to help insure an efficient and timely engagement. We look for ways to improve your internal control and accounting procedures, and we are readily available to assist in the implementation of our recommendations.

Two “niche” audit markets came into play early on in the development of the Firm. These were pension plan audits, due to a strong background in the pension area, and non-profit organization audits. Today, non-profit organizations represent a large portion of the Firm’s audit and accounting work. This area of expertise includes “Yellow Book” or A-133 audits for those entities with federally funded programs.

Photo courtesy of Sara Holbrook Community Center, Davis & Hodgdon client since 2010.
Back row from the left- Jonathan Sternberg, Bruce Chattman, Chip Spillane, Brent Farrell; Second to back row from the left- Diane Chattman, Gary Coffey, Liz Swim, Sue Victory, Kathy Schirling, Leisa Pollander, Janet Hayden; Front row from the left- Debbie LaRosa, Ducky Donath, Mary Ann Blaisdell, Kathy Olwell, Ross Fenderson

Other nonprofit services include:

If you are a nonprofit organization in the Burlington, VT metro-area or beyond and would like to send us a request for proposal for services please email or call 802.878.1963.