Nonprofits and Social Media

Nonprofits knowledgeable about social media… but not using it.

While the majority of nonprofit organizations are knowledgeable about using Facebook, Twitter and other social media, only one in eight believes they have an effective social media strategy, according to a survey of 275 nonprofit organizations by Campbell & Co. consulting firm.

Of those using social media, many are finding success in the efforts to recruit new staff members and volunteers, engage audiences interested in their cause, build supporter lists, and raise money.

Of nonprofits surveyed, only 12.5 percent said they were highly satisfied with their efforts in the social media realm and were constantly innovating. At the other extreme, 6.3 percent said social media is overwhelming to them and they don’t know where to start, and another 7.9 percent said management does not see the value of social media.

In between, the majority of nonprofit associates, 55.5 percent, said they were knowledgable and able to use social media, but could do a better job of using it. Many groups, 43.3 percent, say they don’t have time to devote to social media.
Facebook was the most used and effective social media platform, according to the respondents, with Twitter and LinkedIn ranking lowest in terms of use and effectiveness.  Interested in knowing more about Facebook and nonprofits?  Visit “10 Tips for Non-Profits on Facebook”:

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