Critical Leadership Skills for Nonprofit Employees

A combination of process improvement and education can help your organization meet its mission more efficiently during these challenging times.

Community outreach/marketing and public relations: Many nonprofit employees manage programs, engage with stakeholders, and promote the nonprofit in the community.

Ability to quickly prioritize and respond to new information, opportunities, and inquires.

Wise use of technology: Online survey services, for example, make the process of gathering and analyzing impact and opinion data much easier.

Knowledge about social media platforms: They can be a cost-effective way to fundraise and reach out. Being able to accept online donations, especially through Paypal, has streamlined giving.

Some other skills include nonprofit management, volunteer management, and program planning, implementation, and evaluation.

Courses and training are widely available in formats from one-day classes to multi-month certification programs as part of bachelor’s degrees. Nonprofit Leadership Alliance courses and certifications are available on campuses nationally. offers web-based courses and certification that meet CRFE and CEU requirements.

The Society for Nonprofit Organizations also provides accredited web-based education and certification. State-based nonprofit associations often offer education and consulting in nonprofit management and leadership.

The National Council of Nonprofits lists many, but is not an exhaustive source. Also, nonprofit consultants offer personalized training and coaching to organizations.

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