Keep All of Your Financial Records in One Place With HubDoc

Is your staff always after you for access to your vendor statements? It’s time to stop chasing online bills and statements.

You can allow your staff, accountant, or bookkeeper access to all your statements at once with HubDoc.

Are you trying to keep a paperless office or eliminate excess printing and storage of documents? Say goodbye to paper.
Do you often have to log onto many different websites to access your electronic bank statements, credit card statements, loan statements, vendor bills, etc? The HubDoc tool can save you time by keeping all your documents in one paperless environment.

What HubDoc can do for you

HubDoc not only provides you with a place to keep your documents in one secure location, it will automatically fetch your statements and bills for you. It also allows you to manually upload documents from smaller local vendors that may not provide e-statements. The manual upload option provides several easy-to-use methods including, snapping a photo with the app, emailing a document, or uploading directly to the website.

This tool also has the ability to store your receipts, eliminating the need for additional paper storage. Submitting a receipt can be done on your phone using the HubDoc mobile app or you can manually upload it to the website.

Take your company to the next level with their cloud integrations. HubDoc easily integrates with other platforms providing you with even more time saving tools. For example, you can have your auto-fetched documents sent directly to, so you never miss a payment. Or, you can integrate directly with your accounting software where your vendor bills will automatically be created. HubDoc supports both QuickBooks Online and Xero accounting software programs.

Concerned about security? HubDoc provides bank-level protections to ensure your data is safe. The documents are stored as read-only, so no one can use the service to access money or make changes to any of the accounts.

If your bookkeeping and accounting tasks have you feeling overwhelmed you might be ready to consider RAD. Our RAD (Remote Accounting Department) staff can assist you with your account reconciliations, bill payments, and more. We can also help your company integrate HubDoc and other time-saving tools – allowing you to focus on other aspects of your growing business.

For more information about Davis & Hodgdon’s RAD services please click here.
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Written by Lori Pavich, Bookkeeper, RAD

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