How I Achieved Work/Life Balance at Public Accounting Firm

At Davis & Hodgdon Associates CPAs we strive to help our staff achieve a healthy “work-life balance” for their particular situation. 

How? We offer flexible and creative work arrangements whenever it is logistically possible.

Why? We know that by empowering staff with the flexibility needed to participate in “life moments” (graduations, school functions, doctor’s appointments), it will almost always result in more satisfied and productive employees.

Flexible work environments are a key factor in the recruitment and retention of great talent within the accounting industry – for both new graduates and veteran CPA job seekers.

Here’s is what some of our staff members have to say…

“Work-life balance is a situation where you are able to be truly present – both at work and at home. Balance occurs when neither your work nor home life suffers at the expense of the other. This can be particularly tough to achieve in public accounting with the time demands of the busy season. The key to achieving my own work-life balance has been the flexibility offered by Davis & Hodgdon. They worked with me to design a schedule that works around my personal needs paired with the ability to work remotely from home.”

“In terms of my own professional development, I have found Davis & Hodgdon to be a partner in helping me achieve my career goals. They view my own growth and development as something that is mutually beneficial and provide the support and resources needed to achieve it.” – Matt Cleare, CPA, CGMA – Manager

“Work-life balance for me is having a meaningful impact at work while having the dedicated time to spend with my family. At Davis & Hodgdon I’ve been fortunate enough to work a reduced schedule, allowing me to spend time with my two young children. I also have the ability to work remotely from home to deal with unexpected family demands that pop up from time to time. Despite not working a full-time schedule I continue to advance my career, as the firm allows me to focus on a few niche client areas – empowering me to build on my strengths in these areas. Davis & Hodgdon has been exceptionally accommodating in allowing me the opportunity to achieve work-life balance.” – Margery McCracken, CPA – Senior Accountant

By Kathryn Diedrichsen, Firm Administrator, Davis & Hodgdon Associates CPAs.

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