Cut Overhead Costs: Part V

Re-think use of catalogs and other printed materials.

Changes in how business is done today has affected the usefulness of printed materials, such as stationery, catalogs and annual reports.

If most customer interactions, whether new or ongoing, occur online, then the need for some print materials is called into question.

Why pay for boxes of expensive letterhead when you rarely write formal letters? A document file with your logo and address can be printed on demand. While you may want hard copies of your glossy annual report to give out at meetings, posting a PDF for use by the majority who might give it only a glance will save thousands of dollars.

The same is true for product catalogs. Digital versions are searchable, which makes better use of the customier’s time. You won’t want to eliminate printing entirely, but do look at how many printed materials you end up discarding over a year. That money can be better spent elsewhere.

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