CSR for the Small Business

Finally, a corporate social responsiblity (CSR) policy that can be applied to small and medium -sized business.

Big businesses are not the only ones who want to do good.  Businesses of all sizes want to contribute to a thriving local community as well! Davis and Hodgdon Associates CPAs has taken it one step further and developed a formalized CSR policy that can be easily adapted to smaller businesses.

“We needed a policy on what we’re doing to do regarding donation amounts, sponsorships, discounted services, and pro-bono work… we wanted a structured approach as to how we respond”, said John Davis, Managing Partner.  What started out as the organization of a donation policy morphed into a smaller version of the big corporate social responsibility policies.

No business operates in isolation. The components of the CSR policy are in place to manage the Firm’s interaction with staff, clients, suppliers and stakeholders with the ultimate goal of sustainability for all.

This is achieved through three main components of the CSR policy:

1. Community Works
2. Environmental Standards
3. Staff Wellness

Click here and find out more about the Firm’s innovative, new policy that can be applied to businesses of all sizes.

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