10 Donor Fundraising Trends

According to an article recently *published by GuideStar there are 10 major donor trends to watch out for in 2014-15.

1. Donors are starting to trust again

Strategy: Be transparent and specific; foster personal relationships with your donors

2. Major donors see their gifts as investments to achieve good

Strategy: Go out of your way to demonstrate to donors that gifts actually create good; sharpen donor communications

3. Donors want to see your financials directly tied to impact

Strategy: Talk to them in terms of MPI:

*Money – how much you raised

*Purpose – what projects you spent the money on

*Impact – what impact did you accomplish with the project?

4. Rise of the boomers as donors

Strategy: Let Boomer’s personal interests and passions guide their cultivation plans; Help them connect to what is most meaningful to them.

5. Women are the #1 donor demographic

Strategy: Review your prospect list and reevaluate!

6.  The MEGA donor

Strategy: Most mega gifts occur close to home so pay attention locally

7. Major donors who volunteer give more

Strategy: Get mega donors involved in decision-making or policy roles.

8. Role of Financial Advisors

Strategy: Befriend financial planners, estate attorneys, CPAs and wealth advisors.

9. Big Data

Strategy: Clean up your database and add as much data as possible about people’s interests and activities (in addition to tracking their gifts).

10. Donors want a big idea

Strategy: Use your best big ideas to capture people’s imagination; talk about what you can do and what you can be to the community.

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*Article originally published by Gail Perry on www.gailperry.com.  For the full article visit: http://www.gailperry.com/2014/06/top-10-major-donor-trends-2014-15/ 

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