New Requirements for Vermont Operators of Short-Term Rentals

The Vermont Department of Taxes has updated its fact sheet explaining how the sales and use tax applies to rooms and meals. The publication explains that sleeping accommodations offered to the public for a consideration on premises operated by a private person, entity, institution, or organization is subject to the 9% meals and rooms tax if those rentals total 15 or more days in any one calendar year. Beginning July 1, 2018, operators of short-term rentals located in Vermont who advertise on an internet platform are required to post their Vermont Meals and Rooms Tax account numbers on any advertisements. If, however, the operator uses an internet platform such as, which has an agreement with the Department of Taxes to collect and remit tax on behalf of its operators, then the operator may post the meals and rooms tax account number used by the platform. When using the platform’s tax account number, there is no need to obtain a Vermont meals and rooms tax account. For any rentals offered off of the platform, the operator must have a Vermont Meals and Rooms Tax account and post the number on any advertisements for the short-term rental. (Renting Your Room with a View? FS-1006, 07/01/2018.)

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