Advantages of Using the QuickBooks Accounting App

In this age when mobile apps are continually used for every possible need, one particular mobile app stands out for its usefulness to the tech savvy businessperson – the QuickBooks Accounting App.

What is this QuickBooks Accounting App? This mobile app allows you to bring your company’s QuickBooks file with you wherever you may go rather than having to work from behind your desk. You can use your phone or tablet to take care of your everyday accounting tasks such as entering transactions, invoicing customers, viewing and sending reports, and recording business expenses.

One of this app’s most powerful tools is the ability to capture receipts for business expenses simply by taking a picture of your receipt. Intuit will scan and upload most of the information needed, but the specifics of the expense may also be entered or edited as shown below:

When the receipt has been updated and saved, this expense will be matched up with the bank or credit card feed and stored in the appropriate register in QuickBooks. Then, your accountant will have access to all of these receipts for use with your monthly bank reconciliations and for the annual business tax return. Therefore, you will no longer need to hold on to those paper receipts!

What is the best part of this app? It is absolutely free with your QuickBooks subscription! This means no additional cost for mobile access and digital storage of your business receipts. Simply download and install the app on your phone or tablet and get right to work, from anywhere.

Are you ready to move to a paperless business expense system? Let our RAD staff assist you with your monthly bookkeeping needs. We can assist you with installing this QuickBooks Accounting app and sync your receipts with your company’s bank or credit card feed. If you are ready to take the next step and let our RAD team eliminate your busy work contact us today for more information 802.878.1963 (Williston) or 802.775.7132 (Rutland).

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Written by Martha Leonard, Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), Certified Expert, QuickBooks Online Certified ProAdvisor


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