Vermont Small Businesses Are the Best Credit Risks in Nation

Vermont Business Magazine, May 18, 2016 –

Vermont’s small businesses are the best credit risks in the nation, according to a new report that looked at analytics such as bankruptcies and foreclosures. Because of the profound, far-reaching impact of small business on the US economy, Experian, the leading global information services company, teamed with Moody’s Analytics to develop the Experian/Moody’s Analytics Main Street Report (link is external). The new quarterly report benchmarks the overall financial health of small businesses, identifies emerging trends and provides insight into what these trends mean for small businesses and the economy as a whole. The states with the highest average business credit scores were Vermont (62.6), North Dakota (61.8) and South Dakota (61.7)

“Gaining deeper insight into the health of small businesses is important for credit-granting organizations, as well as the small-business owner,” said Gavin Harding, senior business consultant for Experian. “While credit grantors can leverage the information to make more profitable financial decisions, small-business owners can better understand the fluctuations in their industry and region. By working with Moody’s Analytics, we are able to combine our expertise and data resources to deliver a more holistic view of the trends impacting the business community in particular and the economy overall.”

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