Vermont Food System Continues to Grow

The Vermont Farm to Plate Network meets every autumn to reivew the progress of Vermont’s Farm to Plate Strategic Plan.  About 300 people representing all segments of Vermont’s food industry were included in this year’s annual gathering held at the Killington Grand Conference Center.

Some key points included:

  • Over the past 5 years, the food system has grown at a rate of 3% per year while the state’s overall growth rate has grown 1% per year.
  • The total change in economic output over that 5 year period amounted $1.7 billion in new economic activity (gross state product output for Vermont’s food system).
  • Due to the multiplier effect of keeping dollars circulating in the state economy, the food system is actually responsible for adding 8,884 new direct, indirect and induced jobs. This means that for every job added in the food system an additional 1.28 jobs are added to the economy as a whole.
  • And according to the US Census of Agriculture and the VT Department of Labor, there has been an increase of 625 new farms and food-related businesses created in the state over a similar time period.

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