Vermont Businesses to Be Impacted by FUTA Changes

For years, we were able to say that the Federal Unemployment Tax Act (FUTA) is $56 for each employee that makes more than $7,000.  With the reduction in the FUTA rate to 6% it is now $42.  However, because Vermont is a “Credit Reduction” state, Vermont employers will have to pay an additional $21.  This works out to $63 per employee that makes more than $7,000.

Also, please note that if you use QuickBooks you will need to run the most recent update release in order for QuickBooks to calculate the correct tax.

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Dawn Grenn, CPA
Tax Manager
Davis & Hodgdon Associates CPAs

For more information please call our Williston Vermont office at 802-878-1963 or email [email protected].  Davis & Hodgdon Associates has counseled businesses in the Burlington metro-area on issues such as these for more than 20 years.

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