Sustainable Relationships

The final in a five-part series on Small Business’ Commitment to CSR

No business operates in isolation.  The components of our firm’s CSR policy are in place to manage the firm’s interaction with staff, clients, suppliers and stakeholders with the ultimate goal of sustainability for all. 

The three main components of our CSR policy:

  1. Community Works
  2. Environmental Standards
  3. Staff Wellness

The Community Works component is broken into three categories:

  1. Signature Partnership
  2. Charitable Giving
  3. Employee Volunteer Program

The firm’s Signature Partnership is developed by identifying a local nonprofit organization that aligns well with our mission – one where we can leverage our financial resources and the skills and expertise of our people. We then support the partner through all aspects of giving: sponsorship, pro-bono work, volunteer opportunities, and beyond. We want to help our partners reach their fullest potential. Ideally, this is a multi-year partnership that deepens our relationship with our community and provides lasting value to the partner organization. Win-win!

In January 2015, after thoughtful consideration, we entered into a formal signature partnership with Mercy Connections, with a special focus on their Women’s Small Business Program (WSBP).

“Our goal is to support a thriving business community made up of economically independent and engaged citizens,” said John Davis, managing partner of the firm. “Our long-term partnership with Mercy Connections and the Women’s Small Business Program is a perfect fit for us. We knew our efforts would make a significant impact for the WSBP because their mission to strengthen our local community through the promotion of entrepreneurs is a shared philosophy.”

Since January, we’ve supported our new partner in various ways including the development of a scholarship for their 15-week “Start Up” course, as well as event and promotional sponsorships. Additional support includes administrative resources and pro-bono efforts such as business plan review and strategic advising services. Davis & Hodgdon staff are also provided with options to volunteer in various capacities within all of Mercy Connections’ programs based on mutual needs and interest.

“It is a genuine privilege and honor for Mercy Connections to be in partnership with Davis & Hodgdon,” said Executive Director Dolly Fleming. “This is an optimal time to embark on a strategic partnership with Davis & Hodgdon. Not only are we committed to ensuring program results and relevancy, we hope to expand our Women’s Small Business Program offerings and explore a social enterprise. This partnership is a fine example of cross sector synergy with a focus on building a stronger community.”

The Signature Partnership component of the firm’s CSR mission is one that will facilitate a sustainable relationship while building from all levels of the organization, leading to the potential for deeper, long-term impacts. Working in tandem with all other components of the firm’s CSR policy, the partnership enables us to work towards our ultimate goal of a vibrant and sustainable local economy.

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