Nonprofits: How to Create a Strong Case Statement

A strong case statement is critical for any major fundraising campaign, whether you plan to approach foundations, individuals or corporate donors.

The main focus should be on the problem you are solving, your funding goal and the expected results.  A good case statement is fluid and versatile, lending itself to various uses and – in the early stages – to key stakeholder feedback.

In many organizations those stakeholders are your active and engaged donors.  If they take ownership of your quest, they may help you raise a good portion of the funds from other sources.

Open with a strong summary paragraph expressing the key need you seek to meet, why your organization is the right one to do so, and what your plan of action entails.

The writing is strong enough if it conveys a passionate sense of urgency and conviction that your work matters.  This paragraph is often written last, after the rest of the paper has been developed.

The heart of the case statement is just what the name implies: making the case for support.  Why now? What are key challenges facing your constituents? What is the demand for your services?

It’s important to note that the case statement can be used as the basis for your campaign materials and communications, including proposals, grants, brochures, a website and social media, mailings and presentations.

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