New Year Introduces New Way to Save

As is with every new year, 2015 is arriving with plenty of tax and retirement rule changes.

This year there is a brand new way to save for retirement. The Treasury is offering a new type of retirement account called the “myRA”. This new retirement account type is still a Roth IRA, but it is guaranteed by the government to never lose value. Deposits will be made via payroll deduction and can be started with as little as $25. The catch is that you can only use these accounts for up to 30 years or until the balance grows to $15,000, at which point it will transfer to a private-sector retirement account. However, it is still a viable option for someone just starting to save towards retirement.

Want to learn more about Roth IRA planning?  Visit:—Roth-IRA-Planning.pdf

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William Cruse, Associate Accountant, Davis & Hodgdon Associates CPAs

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