New AccuFund Resource: Operating a Paperless Nonprofit

Going green and saving green goes beyond the cost of paper and toner. There are many hidden costs of paper when considering the amount of time spent filing and searching for documents. There are three categories to assess within your organization, where significant reduction in paper and electronic processing could save time and money:

  • Papers coming into your organization
  • Papers going out of your organization
  • Papers being shuffled within your organization

Just the act of listing all the papers and its origins is likely to increase your motivation to gain control and efficiency through a paperless approach. Transitioning to a paperless organization doesn’t have to start with specialized software. A study showed that the average document gets copied 19 times. An investment in a scanner means that a document is handled once and can be distributed electronically. Plain and simple: inefficiencies are costly. Saving time, money and resources within your organization translates to more time, money and energy servicing your mission.

The following links to a recent white paper developed by Accufund on “operating a Paperless Nonprofit”. Specific procedures for paperwork are addressed including:

  • Internal and board reporting
  • Donation processing
  • Accounts payable
  • Internet communication

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