Getting Started on a Business Plan

Business plans are critical to the success of a business and there are many reasons for taking the time to create one including the following, to name just a few:

  • Share and explain business objectives to management, employees and new hires
  • Sell your business
  • Valuation of the business for transactions related to divorce, inheritance, estate planning and tax issues
  • Create a new business
  • Back up a business loan application
  • Grow your existing business

Finding the time to put pen to paper and write the plan is another matter entirely.

The Small Business Administration (SBA) has launched a new online tool developed to assist small business owners in the development of a concrete business plan.  The new “Build a Business Plan” guides small business owners through the process of creating a basic, downloadable business plan.  For free access to the tool you simply need to log in to or register for an account with SBA.  For more information visit:

For detailed assistance with your business planning, valuation needs or exit planning strategy please call Davis & Hodgdon Associates CPAs at 802.878.1963 or email [email protected].

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