Fuse celebrates 20 years of marketing to youth

Congrats to our client in the news –  FUSE celebrates 20 years!

From the Burlington Free Press:

Dan D’Ambrosio, Free Press Staff Writer

WINOOSKI —  For 20 years, the marketing agency Fuse has had its finger on the pulse of the most sought-after demographic in America — teens and young adults.

Put simply, Fuse knows cool, and as a result, has a list of clients any New York agency would love — Mountain Dew, Ford, Getty Images, Harley Davidson, amazon.com, Taco Bell, Hyundai, Burton, Gillette, and even Kodak when it still existed.

Fuse even does a little local work.

“This is a print ad for CCTA and GMTA we’re putting together,” partner Bill Carter said while giving a tour of the company’s office, yards from the Winooski River on Canal Street. Carter’s two equal partners in the privately held business are Brett Smith and Issa Sawabini.

As Carter walked through the open office with bright, partial walls painted in citrusy colors, he was circled by a handful of dogs, wagging their tails as they checked out the visitors. Other dogs slept on beds beneath their owners’ desks.

Today, Fuse has 42 employees including three new staff coming on just this week. All but three of the employees work in Winooski, with one designer in Los Angeles and two employees in northern California who run a subsidiary company called Monitor, which makes promotional items handed out free at events.

The secret to Fuse’s success with national clients is timing. Fuse Sports Marketing, as the company was originally known when it was founded in May 1995, is the brainchild of Teresa Jenson, who pulled together an investment group of friends and family to launch the company with $160,000.

For the full article please visit: http://www.burlingtonfreepress.com/story/money/2015/04/30/fuse-celebrates-years-marketing-youth/26582609/

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