First Steps in Starting Social Enterprise Business

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Can social enterprise bring your nonprofit sustainability AND social impact? Common Good Vermont is continuing the conversation from their 9th Annual Nonprofit Luncheon. Gwen Pokalo of the Women in Small Business Program at Mercy Connections shares the First Four Steps they took to explore social enterprise.

Aired on October 30 from 12:00-1:00p.

The First Four Steps with Gwen Pokalo: Learn what the Women in Small Business program has done to explore starting a social enterprise at Mercy Connections.

1. Gather Your People – Build a team of trend trackers, influencers, business people and savy social good folks. Key Tip: Get a diverse perspective.

2. Do Your Research – Find out what information is out there already. Who knows how to do a social enterprise in the area, in Vermont, nationally? What business will compliment your work AND your community?

3.  Don’t Re-invent the Wheel – Look at other models that are working. Mercy Connections has looked at innumerable local successes including: ReSource, Cookies for Good, VT Works for Women, and the Clothing Exchange.

4.  Get Perspective – Find someone or an instiution to give your objective advice. Pair up with a college or business that can help you hone your ideas and take your business plan to the next level. Mercy Connections used MiddCore, a program out of Middlebury College.

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