Entrepreneur eLearning Adds New Courses on Business Plans, Key Analyses

The Lake Champlain Chamber of Commerce eLearning Center provides education and training for entrepreneurs via their online Entrepreneurship Portal.  They recently added 3 new courses to their portal on the topics of business plans and performing key analyses. 

3 courses to get you started building a business plan
for your business or a new product

1) Preparing a Business Plan
  • Business Plans
  • Preparing to Develop Your Business Plan
  • Creating Your Business Plan
2) Performing Key Analyses
  • Using an Internal Analysis to Guide Business Planning
  • Analyzing the External Environment
  • Identifying Opportunities and Challenges
3) Preparing for Implementation of your Business Plan
  • Coordinating the Implementation of a Business Plan
  • Action Planning to Support Business Plan Implementation
  • Measuring and Controlling Business Plan Implementation

Target Audience: Early stage companies, entrepreneurs, product managers and business consultants

For registration information please visit: https://lcrcconline.globalclassroom.us/portal/

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