End-of-Life Planning for Digital Real Estate

In today’s digital age, one should consider their social media footprint as part of their long-term finanical planning!

Excerpt from SEI Blog, posted April 28, 2015:

Incorporate social media account transition into planning conversations, especially with multiple generations. Some key questions to ask:

  • What social media platforms does the individual use?
  • What are the person’s passwords?
  • What would the individual like to happen to their accounts upon their death?

Document the stated goals and if applicable, share these with the client’s attorney or whomever your client deems as their “Digital Executor.”

Leverage Technology. There are many client portals available today to house important client documents. Estate Assist is one service designed especially for investors as well as advisors to archive vital family information, including social media accounts and passwords.

For the full article written by Amy Sitnick including a rundown of what is required when discontinuing a social media account visit: http://seicblogs.com/advisor-practice-management/advisor-marketing-2/the-planning-area-most-advisors-dont-know-about-but-should/

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