QuickBooks Add-Ons: eBillity Time Tracker & Billing Manager

To assist specific industry needs, software companies have developed applications that can be integrated with current QuickBooks software.  In this 5-part series, we will cover some of the more useful add-ons and how they can help your business to work more efficiently. 

eBillity Time Tracker & Billing Manager is a tracking application that allows the user to sync hours recorded on a desktop or mobile device to the QuickBooks company file.  The application also allows the business owner to approve employee weekly timesheets, which can then sync to the QuickBooks file.  Tracking of hours can be accomplished online or offline, through manual entry or with the built-in timer.  This tracking tool is especially helpful for employees who are always on the go – from home health care to construction workers.  The application has compatibility with PC, Mac, Outlook, and Mobile devices.  To learn more about this QuickBooks Add-On, please visit the following Intuit site:  http://appcenter.intuit.com/ebillity/overview.

Davis & Hodgdon Associates CPAs has QuickBooks ProAdvisors on staff, ready to assist you with finding the right add-on to fit your business needs.  Call our office at 802.878.1963 or visit www.dh-cpa.com.

Jessica Taylor, Associate Accountant

Davis & Hodgdon Asscociates, CPA’s

September 2012

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