Meet Laura Richards, Bunjamin’s Hopcorn

Davis & Hodgdon is pleased to celebrate the achievements of local Burlington, Vermont entrepreneurs by launching the monthly spotlight of Alumni from the Mercy Connections’ Women’s Small Business Program (WSBP).

Meet Laura Richards – founder of Bunjamin’s Hopcorn, a business that makes Vermont-inspired, flavored popcorn to be paired with different types of craft beer. She knew this business was what she wanted to commit to, but had no business background, so she enrolled in the Women’s Small Business Program to see how feasible it was – and hasn’t looked back since!

As a graduate from Cycle 51 of the WSBP in December 2014, she made her first sale to a brewery in January 2015. Pursuing her goal to bring Bunjamin’s Hopcorn to bars and breweries throughout the state, she works for the UVM Foundation during the day, and makes Bunjamin’s Hopcorn in the evening in Ferrisburgh.  She currently lives in Burlington with her source of inspiration and entertainment, Bunjamin the bunny.

Laura Richards of Bunjamin’s Hopcorn, graduate of Mercy Connections’ Women’s Small Business Program.

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