Nonprofits: Building a Strong Board of Directors

A board whose members’ strengths complement each other is one that goes beyond just well-functioning to one that promoted growth and progress. A good board not only provides vision and guidance, but also offers nitty-gritty skills, vital community contacts and fundraising support.

When determining the size of your board, consider the areas of expertise you need covered. Try for the sweet spot in which your board is large enough to ensure directors are not overworked, but not so large that some directors’ talents go underutilized. Go for a number that promotes productive group dynamics but does not inhibit meaningful discussion.

Directors should be sought who have expertise in:

* The field related to your mission
* Financial management
* Public relations
* Tax law and statutes affecting nonprofits
* Fundraising
* Governance or the ability to create a business plan

Davis & Hodgdon has been assisting nonprofit organizations in the Burlington Vermont Metro area for more than 20 years. We are committed to helping our clients achieve their goals as they strive for financial sustainability.  Specific nonprofit services include: tax planning and compliance, accounting and auditing, internal controls, board member services, fundraising, grant compliance and much more.

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