5 Ways Nonprofits Struggle – And How to Overcome Them

Published by Common Good Vermont, 4/9/18: Over a decade ago, Kathleen Kelly Janus, a lecturer with Stanford University’s social entrepreneurship program, co-founded Spark, a San Francisco-based nonprofit aimed at encouraging millennials to crowd source grants and offer pro-bono professional services and investment connections to grassroots women’s organizations. It’s since grown to comprise a donor base of over 10,000 supporters.

But then Kelly, who is also a lawyer who’s done social justice work, spotted another disparity: “We had all this success and we hit a wall, and we couldn’t get the funding that we needed to grow to the next level, to expand to other cities and to deepen our impact in San Francisco,” she says. She researched the concept and realized that about two-thirds of nonprofits encounter a similar roadblock because their annual budgets get stalled below the $500,000 or greater level.

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