Telling Signs Your Business is Ready for the Cloud

From SymQuest Technology:

You’ve heard all the hype about how cloud computing is changing IT for businesses, but you never thought it was something you needed to consider for your business. After all, you own your own equipment, back up your data regularly and even have an IT rep. But everything you thought was in your favor could actually be causing you more problems. Here are telling signs that your business is ready to move to the cloud.

  1. Your Equipment is Out of Date. If you maintain your server and other hardware on your own, chances are it’s not as current as it could be. Upgrading is expensive, and it really should be done every couple of years, but it might not be in your budget. When you shift to the cloud, the need to upgrade your equipment disappears – your cloud provider will always be up to date.
  2. You’re Still Using Tape Backup. Your data is vital to running your business, and you might think you have it all safely saved, but there are a lot of disadvantages to tape backup. Tapes can be lost, broken, or stolen. They might not be easily read by today’s machines if they’re old enough. And you might be paying for more storage space than you actually need. The cloud allows users to pay for space as they need it, and not only does your disaster recovery time decrease, your data is much easier to access.

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