Which Password Managers Are Best Suited for You?

There are a variety of password managers available. Following are descriptions of three that could potentially work for you. Which you decide to go with will depend on your preferences and what features suite your needs.

1.      Dashlane – This password manager is on the newer side and may not have the most recognition, however they have great features for almost every platform (Windows, OS X, iPhone, iPad, and Android). They also have extensions for every browser, a security dashboard to analyze your passwords, and they even have an automatic password changer. It is also completely free to use on a single device. If you need to sync more than one device together, you will have to upgrade to premium, but at least you can test it out first. Dashlane also allows you to decide if you want to store your passwords locally or on the cloud. If you choose the cloud, they are AES encrypted.

2.      LastPass – This platform is a cloud based password manager with extensions, mobile apps, and desktop apps for all the browsers and operating systems.  It also offers two-factor authentication options so you can ensure no one else is logging into your password files. Your passwords are also stored on LastPass’s servers in an encrypted form- the LastPass app locally decrypts and encrypts them when you login (LastPass could not see your passwords if they wanted to).

3.      KeePass – If you aren’t comfortable using the cloud, that is totally fine. KeePass is a desktop application for managing your passwords, and there are also browser extensions and mobile apps. KeePass stores your passwords on your computer so you remain in control of them. However, the downside is you’re responsible for your passwords, and you’ll have to sync them between your devices manually. You may be able to use a syncing solution like Dropbox to sync the KeePass database between your devices.

4.    1Password – Is also a great option that more people are increasingly adopting. Similar to other platforms 1Password only requires you to have one master password to a vault where all your other login info can be stored. It is available for all devices, browsers, and operating systems. It can sync your data seamlessly between devices so you always have your passwords with you.

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