Vermont taxpayer trends for 2014: Less paper, more fraud

The Vermont Department of Taxes announced statistical findings for the 2014 tax season showing a rise in tax refund fraud in Vermont, a decrease in paper-filed returns coupled with an increase in e-filed returns, and other taxpayer trends in Vermont. According to Tax Commissioner Mary Peterson, a top priority for the department is guarding taxpayers and taxpayer money against tax refund fraud. “While the additional scrutiny affected the timing of some refund payments, it is critical to protect taxpayers,” Peterson said. “We believe our diligence has paid off. As of the beginning of June, the department detected 504 fraudulent tax returns, putting a stop to more than $900,000 worth of income tax refunds from going out the door and into the wrong hands.”

Peterson said that so far this year the department has already identified almost twice as much fraud compared to the previous tax year and anticipates that the amount of fraud stopped for the 2013 tax year will exceed $1 million. She warned that tax fraud is on the rise nationally and will require continued and diligent monitoring by the department.

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