Vermont Lands 8th of 10 States with the Heaviest Tax Burden

Everyone pays the tax man, but some pay more than others…

Published on Financial Advisor, 9/27/16.

Kiplinger rated each state on its level of taxation to determine where residents are hit the hardest for sales, income, real estate, gift, gasoline and other state taxes and came up with the following list of high-cost states.

The following list, in reverse order, gives an example of why residents’ pocketbooks are a little emptier in these 10 states.

10. Rhode Island

9. Illinios

8. Vermont: VT limits income tax deductions for high income earners. Also, Vermont’s property taxes are among the 10 highest in the U.S.

7. Maine

6. Minnesota

5. New Jersey

4. New York

3. Connecticut

2. Hawaii

1. California

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