Tax Season Charity Showdown 2021

Davis & Hodgdon and Copper Leaf Financial has found some unique ways to keep our staff excited throughout the duration of our busy tax season with our firm-wide FUN initiative!

Since the tax deadline was extended until May 17th, 2021, we decided to keep the fun rolling and create a charity showdown. This allowed our firm to give back to an organization that our staff deeply cares about.

Staff were initially asked to nominate a local charity that they are passionate about and the winning organization wins a $500 donation from our firm. Each nomination was randomly paired up against another to create our “brackets”. Each week emails were sent to staff so that they could vote on which charity would advance to the next round and compete against another charity.


After weeks of tough decisions between some amazing and worthy local charities, our staff ultimately voted for Spectrum Youth and Family Services as our winner! We are very pleased to make a $500 donation to Spectrum and support all of the important work that they do.

For more information about Spectrum Youth and Family Services please click here.

*Copper Leaf Financial is an affiliated and separately registered entity.

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