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About Nexus

Does Nexus apply to you? Businesses operating in multiple states can face a wide variety of state taxes.

The national Nexus program was created in 1990 by the U.S. Multi-state Tax Commission. Its main goal is to foster increased state tax compliance by businesses that are engaged in multi-jurisdictional commerce.

Nexus can be a complicated and easily misunderstood issue for a company with a multi-state presence. There are some activities conducted by a business that could involve Nexus for sales and use tax, income tax, franchise tax or other business taxes. One way to understand and adhere to these greatly differing provisions is to have our tax professionals review the statutes of each state in which your organization might be considered as doing business.

Sometimes, Nexus obligations may not be blatantly obvious, especially for sales and use tax. As well, some states impose different types of taxes that might not be familiar to business owners and managers, such as those on gross receipts or business activity.

If you need assistance with any of the above Nexus issues or are unsure if it applies to you, we have the expertise in-house to help.

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