myVTax Launching Soon for Vermont Business Tax Filers

From the Vermont Department of Taxes:

myVTax Launching Soon for VTBizFile Users

Any business tax quarterly or monthly filings due Oct. 26 were the last filings in VTBizFile. VTBizFile will be shut down on Nov. 5 as we move all accounts to myVTax.

Beginning on November 12, myVTax will be the new portal for filing and paying Vermont Sales and Use, Meals and Rooms, and Employer Withholding Taxes, as well as more tax types over the next few years. On November 12, you or your clients may access myVTax to setup an account. If you were a VTBizFile user, you will need to go to VTBizFile to obtain an access code. Taxpayers will need their access code in order to create their new myVTax login as we are not automatically converting users to the new filing site.

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